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Pole Flow

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  • £7.50 per 1 hour class


This class is a fun dance-based session using the pole. You don’t need any dance experience, it is a fun class to get your body moving in ways you thought it never would. With a strong focus on technique, flow, lines and presentation along with conditioning drills to develop a fantastic posture.


This is a great class to work on your floor based pole movement.

To include –

  • Barre exercises
  • Centre exercises & flow
  • Corner exercises & flow
  • Pole flow

If you’d like to move around the studio and pole with seamless transitions and liquid fluidity then come along and join in with this class to learn how.


When attending pole fitness classes it is important to not use moisturiser on the days of your training. This can make it hard for you to grip to the pole and dangerous for other students.


Please ensure all jewellery is removed and fitted clothing is worn.


It is advised to wear elasticated shorts and vest or crop top.


No shoes are required as the class will be taught in bare feet.