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Every Wednesday 8:30pm to 9:30pm

  • £6 per 1 hour class


This class will give you the opportunity to feel free and let go of any unwanted tension. After a warm up, there will be a section of choreography with flow yet sharp dynamics, floor work, basic tricks and a chance to improvise and express yourself. Music will fluctuate each week – recognisable songs with lyrics then other weeks with instrumentals to challenge your skills to musicality.


Georgie Teaches her class with adaptations for any level. The choreography will be simple yet challenging as She likes to push boundaries and develop dancers versatility.

If you have any questions email, or  if you want to book your slot in our Wednesday evening class use our online booking system.


Suitable for all levels.

Every Friday 6:30pm to 7:30pm

  • £6 per 1 hour class

The class will lead with a main focus on walks across the space which, is a fundamental we must cover especially if you are a beginner in heels to not only prevent injury but to find and release our inner sassy character from the basics and up. A sequence of choreography will be taught half way through the session. This is where you’ll learn about technique and your posture with heels on but most of all a chance to STRUT out our your comfort zone and become an empowered women.

Shoes: Please wear a heel that supports the ankle. If you are beginner then wear a small heel/boot heel and work your way up to a stiletto.